Who is Nearmap

Nearmap was founded on the principle that everyone should have easy access to frequently-updated high-resolution image-based maps (PhotoMaps™) and benefit from the powerful support such maps provide.

We are driven by the vision of optimizing our photomaps with rich visual analytics that help transform how our customers conduct their business, enabling them to save an enormous amount of time and start making money sooner.

Who is the Nearmap Engineering Team

We are a group of hightly motivated software engineers working with a variety of different coding language stacks and cloud server solutions. We are split into 3 teams these are the Apps team, API team and BE team. We work with various technologies which includes JavaScript (ReactJS), C#, Go, C++, AWS, Kubernetes and a few other solutions. We are constantly looking into the latest advances that come out so that we can develop a great and easy to maintain product. This includes utilising techniques such as continous development so we can release new features in a timely and efficient manner.

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